Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn.... FINALLY!

Autumn, despite my deep love for snow, is my favorite season, and it has sneaked up on us here. The weather these last few days has been deceptively warm. However, as I walked home, I could clearly see the leaves changing, changing into those magnificent reds I love so much. Those deep dark reds, which symbolize the ending of one thing and, in another brilliant way, the start of something else.

The breeze, though warm enough to really move about the city with merely a sweater and scarf  as protection from the slightly cooler temperature, has a bite to it. It stings my cheeks a little, in what I hope is the promise of a long cold winter, with plenty of snow. Even the moon seems to be settling into the laziness that comes with shorter days and played hide and seek with me behind the clouds tonight.

The tourists, who have been invading since Spring, have all but left, leaving behind only those who seem to understand that, in many ways, Prague is at its most beautiful as Summer morphs in to Winter. The quiet adds wonderfully to the peace I find meandering through the city now. I think it is time for a trek to Vysehrad, to simply sit, reading, periodically looking up to see Prague with its symphony of colors and relish in the visual delight of this gem of Central Europe.

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